brewery tour


Irregular (Please check the calendar linked to the reservation button at the bottom)

■Hours ■

10:00 a.m.-
From 13:00 pm

■ Required time ■

about 30 minutes

■ Minimum number of participants ■

From 1 person

■Maximum event capacity■

10 people (In the case of a large group, please consult in advance)

■Experience fee■

20 years old and over: 10,000 yen (tax included)
7 to 20 years old: 2,000 yen (tax included)
Under 7 years old: Free
Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a guardian

■ What is included in the experience ■

1. Brewery tour fee (toji or brewer will guide you)
2. 20 years old or older fumimoro brewery 4 types set or 1 soft drink
Under 20 years old 1 soft drink Provided at Sake pairing BAR "Osakaya-san"

3. Junmai Daiginjo "SHIMANTO" Fired 300ml *Limited to adults

■Things not included in the experience■

Expenses other than those included in the above experience

■ Notes ■

1. Please do not eat natto for one week before the tour. 3. Do not wear cosmetics, perfumes, or other scented items. 4. No smoking inside the venue. Please follow the guidance of the staff (there are many devices and it is dangerous)
If you do not follow the instructions of the staff, you may be asked to leave.

■ What to bring ■

1. Mask 2 . curiosity about brewing

■ Reservation ■

We accept inquiries on our website (we do not accept inquiries by phone).


Reservation page We accept credit cards

■ Cancellation fee ■

100% on the day No contact after the start of the trip 100%
Counting from the day before the trip start date, the day before 80%
50% from 3 days to 2 days from the day before the trip start date
20% from 7 days to 4 days from the day before the trip start date

Book a brewery tour

■Sake brewery tour■

1. Please gather at the store lobby at the entrance of the sake brewery by the start time

If you are late, please be sure to contact us by phone (TEL: 0880-22-0039)


2. I will explain the precautions in the sake brewery (requires about 2 minutes)

I will walk up the chest of drawers stairs to the second floor of the shop (main building), and I will explain the precautions to be taken inside the storehouse, so please listen carefully.


3. Draw an original label (about 30 minutes)

You will draw your own original sake label using a felt-tip pen, etc. If you consider the design proposal before participating, the work on the day will be smoother. Label size Length: Width = 100mm: 90mm An example of the work of
For those who find it difficult to create, we will prepare a "SHIMANTO" label.


4. Sanitary measures such as disinfecting hands and wearing a hair net are performed in the sake brewery front room (about 3-5 minutes)

Baggage will be kept in the front room. Please wear a mask. We recommend that you come in shoes that are easy to change into, as you will be changing into special shoes inside the brewery.

5. Watch a video of the process of making sake ( 3 minutes)

6. You will see the rice steaming machine ("Koshiki") in action ( 3 minutes)

The koshiki, boiler, and steam will be very hot, so please keep your distance. Never touch the steam or equipment.


7. Sake label pasting experience ( 5 to 15 minutes)

It's surprisingly difficult to actually put the label you made yourself after the practice label...

8. A tour of the brewery ( 10 minutes)

Please be sure to follow the staff's instructions. If there are small children, be sure to hold their hands.


9 . Go to Sake Pairing Bar "Osaka-san"

10 . Tasting of 4 types of sake and pairing with the raw material rice "Niita rice" ( 30 minutes)

Compare the taste of junmai daiginjo "SHIMANTO" and "Kirinosato" pasteurized and raw unblended sake You can taste freshly cooked rice and sake with the same ingredients For minors, drivers, and people who don't like alcohol serves non-alcoholic beverages

11. Dissolution