Sake pairing BAR "Osaka-san"


The main building of the sake brewery, which was built in 1903, has a warm and calming atmosphere, with an upright piano and DJ booth, a sunny courtyard, and lighting to create a night view that create a variety of events and scenes. A space that can be used as a working space that stimulates the imagination, a rest facility for walking around the city, and a community space with local people, and a space that can be used as a community space with local people.A space that can be used in various ways based on sake, pairing with Kochi Prefecture and local specialties, and sweets. ``Sakeya-san'' is a new and friendly place where you can also enjoy soft drinks.

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2,000 yen ( tax included ) for up to 4 people per group / 1 hour + 1 drink or more per person

[What is included in the price]
Fire pit, 1 bundle of firewood, fire scissors, work gloves, chairs ( 4 ), side tables ( 4 ), blankets (4 )


Pairing BAR Alcohol that can only be tasted at “Osakaya-san”

・Junmai Daiginjo Namazake

You can enjoy chilled Namazake from the Namazake server. Namazake is sold by weight, and you can also refill the My bottle you brought with you.

・fumimoto brewery

A variety of cocktails using sake from fumimoto brewery , which even those who don't like sake can enjoy Refreshing dishes using yuzu and pomelo from Kochi

・"Don't mix! It's dangerous"

A slightly dangerous sake that you can enjoy over and over again with a harmonious soup stock of chicken, bonito, and kelp.

・Okyaku experience

Pour as much sake as you like into a sabachi plate or a cup.I want to try this at least once! ? Sake served on a large plate or in a cup is just for commemorative photos! !

DJ booth

Usage fee: 1000 yen (tax included) /1 hour


・Pioneer DJ DJ controller DDJ-1000SRT

Precautions for use: Please avoid operations that have a volume or content that is uncomfortable for BAR users.

business hours


11:00 - 20:00 (Liquor shop 14:00 - 17:00 break)


11:00 - 20:00 (Liquor shop 14:00 - 17:00 break)


Regular holiday


Regular holiday


11:00-21 :00


11:00-21 :00


11:00-21 :00

*Closed during year-end and New Year holidays ( 12/31 to 1/4 ) and private business hours

*From January 2024, business days and hours have changed.