Sake brewery tour (dinner coupon included) + Sky Hill Glamping transfer plan

■The last sake brewery tour plan in the Shimanto town center■

(Glamping accommodation building = Sake brewery round-trip transportation included)


Sake brewery tour, tasting (5 types x 50ml), original label creation, souvenir included (1 300ml bottle of your favorite sake *1 bottle of amazake for minors)
Dinner at Sake Pairing Bar “Osakayasan” attached to the sake brewery (1 ticket worth 5,000 yen per adult included)
Glamping accommodation building = sake brewery round trip transportation included


Depart from Glamping accommodation building Transfer by taxi
Arrival at Bunmoto Sake Brewery
Watch the sake brewery tour explanation video
Sake brewery tour (guided by the brewer or brewer)
Move to the sake pairing bar “Osakaya-san” attached to the sake brewery Make your own original label (for those who are not good at it, we will prepare a souvenir with an original label)
Selection and labeling of alcoholic drinks as souvenirs
Tasting (5 types of sake) + rice “Niida rice” which is the raw material for sake Pairing Minors can sample amazake
Please order what you like from the dinner and drinks menu.
Payment (5000 yen/discount per adult)
Depart from sake brewery Transfer by taxi
Arrival at glamping accommodation building


(per person)
9,800 yen (tax included) 20 years or older
4,800 yen (tax included) Ages 7 and over, Under 20 Free, Under 7 years old
*Those under 10 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.

■Minimum number of participants■

1 person

■Maximum capacity■

10 people (please consult in advance for large groups)

■Cancellation fee■

100% on the day of the trip 100% for non-participation without contact after the start of the trip
80% of the previous day starting from the day before the trip start date
50% from 3 days to 2 days starting from the day before the trip start date
20% from 7 days to 4 days starting from the day before the trip start date

■What is included in the experience■

1. Brewery tour fee (The brewer or brewer will guide you)
2. Over 20 years old Fumimoro Brewery 5-drink comparison set or 1 soft drink
Under 20 years old 1 soft drink
Offered at Sake Pairing BAR “Sakaya-san”
3. Round-trip transportation between glamping accommodation building and sake brewery
Four. Souvenir 1 bottle of 300ml of your favorite sake *Limited to people over 20 years old
Under 20 years old Amazake (non-alcoholic) 400ml 1 bottle
5. Sake Pairing BAR “Sakaya-san” dinner fee 5,000 yen per adult

*For Sky Hill Glamping room availability, reservations, and payments, please be sure to contact Sky Hill Glamping.

■Things not included in the experience■

Expenses other than those included in the above experience
Sky Hill Glamping Accommodation and Glamping Facility Costs

■Notes ■

1. Please do not eat natto for one week before your tour 2. Please do not wear cosmetics, perfumes, or anything that has a scent. 3. No smoking inside the venue 4. Please follow the instructions of the staff (there is a lot of equipment and it is dangerous)
If you do not follow the instructions of the staff, you may be asked to leave.

■What to bring■

1. Mask 2. Curiosity about sake brewing


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