How to enjoy sake for a toast

■Enjoy the aroma and mouthfeel with a light glass

Enjoying sake in sake cups and sake cups is also a special sake with a strong scent of Japanese sake culture.To enjoy a special time as a toast, why not use a special glass? Experience the gorgeous aroma and easy-to-drink taste of sake How about trying it? It is also used at the pairing bar "Sakeyasan"

■ "Yawaragimizu"

In order to enjoy the delicate taste of sake with each sip, drink water in between drinks to reset your mouth once, enjoy food and sake, and heal your body.

It is sometimes called a chaser, but I would like to cherish the word "Yawaragimizu" in Japanese culture.

■ Japanese tea after a toast

Drinking after drinking alcohol protects the mucous membrane of the stomach, prevents painful hangovers, and eliminates swelling of the body.It can also prevent dehydration after drinking alcohol. When bancha is brewed in hot water of 90 to 100 degrees Celsius, a large amount of catechins and caffeine are released, making it easier to obtain the effect. How about getting into the habit of drinking tea after drinking alcohol?

Bancha is available at the sake pairing bar “Sakeyasan”

■ Junmai Daiginjo " SHIMANTO " pasteurization

on the rocks

Fully enjoy sweet and juicy daiginjo sake brewed with rice rice Niida rice with gorgeous aroma

1. 2. Prepare a wide-mouthed glass such as a wine glass. 3. Add ice to the glass. Pour "SHIMANTO" and complete on the rock

roasted lemon rock

Exhilarating rock that feels the freshness of lemon

1. 2. Prepare a wide-mouthed glass such as a wine glass. 3. Add ice to the glass. 4. Pour "SHIMANTO" 5. Add some toasted lemon peel just before drinking. Roasted lemon rock is completed

Shiso Leaf Rock

Adult rock that feels the freshness of shiso and the bitterness of adults

1. 2. Prepare a wide-mouthed glass such as a wine glass. 3. Place one perilla leaf in your palm. 4. Beat the perilla leaves with your hands to bring out the fragrance. 5. Add ice to the glass. 6. Pour "SHIMANTO" Completion of shiso leaf rock

Ochazuke style highball

Bancha is soaked in junmai daiginjo, and you can feel the scent of tea and rice.

1. 2. Put bancha tea leaves into the teapot. 3. Pour in "SHIMANTO" and leave in the refrigerator for 1 hour to extract the bancha extract. 5. Put ice in a long glass. 6. Pour the alcohol from 3 above into the glass. Pour soda water and sake at a ratio of 1:1 to complete

■Junmai Daiginjo cloudy sake "Kiri no Sato" pasteurization

refreshing on the rock
Enjoy refreshing with citrus fruits and rock salt

The refreshing citrus scent is said to have the effect of revitalizing both the mind and body. softens the aftertaste of

1. 2. Prepare a wide-mouthed glass such as a rocks glass. 3. Apply lemon or lime to the edge of the glass. 4. Add rock salt to the mouth of the drink. 5. Carefully add ice to the glass. Pour "Kiri no Sato" to complete the refreshing on-the-rock

Junmai Daiginjo Nigori Sake "Kiri no Sato" Nama Genshu

Refreshing and refreshing experience with tonic

You can enjoy a new way of drinking sake by adding a refreshing flavor and moderate sweetness to the scent of ``Kiri no Sato'' rice, which is made from Niida rice, which is a fragrant rice.

1. 1. Prepare a tall glass such as a tumbler glass. 3. Add ice to the glass. 4. Pour "Kiri no Sato". Pour the tonic Liquor: Tonic = 1:3

*Adding citrus fruits and salt to the rim of the cup like a salty dog ​​softens the lingering sensation unique to sake, making it even easier to drink.