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Subscription “Campaizen” Subscription with a set of raw sake and Tosa’s “Otabegoro” products

Subscription “Campaizen” Subscription with a set of raw sake and Tosa’s “Otabegoro” products

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It is a subscription where you can enjoy "Kampaizen", which is a set of seasonal specialties that make you feel Kochi prefecture and raw unprocessed sake of "SHIMANTO" toast sake, on the 1st of every month.

Celebrate your own body and mind and relationships with people, and create an extraordinary time to appreciate the month you spent. Sake and seasonal a la carte dishes to enjoy that special time in a small way.
“Before the toast” is a place where you can start a new day with a rich heart.
A gift for yourself that gives you a glimpse of the culture of Tosa no Okyaku, a sake bar where hospitality is provided.

12 deliveries per year 180,000 yen (tax included, free shipping) 15,000 yen per delivery

* Delivery frequency is once a month / delivered at the beginning of the month * Cancellation possible 30 days before the annual renewal date

[Product content]
"SHIMANTO" raw undiluted sake 500ml x 1 ・"Otabegoro" seasonal dish for 2 people

[Monthly dishes]
*Currently, the menu after November is being prepared.

July Straw-grilled yellowtail August Tosashimizu pork (roasted pork cutlet)
September Kinme salt koji
October wood chicken

in May

 Drinking alcohol by persons under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.
 We do not sell any kind to those under the age of 20.
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