"A4 WALL KOCHI" Art Event & Limited Label Sake Sales

Fumimoto brewery, which has been in business for 120 years, is a joint venture between Reflections general office Co., Ltd., which operates A4 Gallery, one of the most popular art galleries in Asia, and regional innovation company Kabushiki Kaisha. Company 1004”, aiming to make Shimanto-cho a city full of art and to make many people smile. We will hold an event “A4 WALL KOCHI” that creates a space where beauty and contemporary art are fused, and exhibits and sells the works of 16 young contemporary artists who are attracting attention both in Japan and overseas, curated by Zen Asakura. In addition, at the same time as holding the event, we will also make efforts to support the activities of young artists by selling limited edition junmai daiginjo sake with each artist's work on the label, and returning part of the purchase price to the artist. .

  • Period
May 13 (Sat) - June 13 (Tue), 2023
Fumimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Address: 4-23 Honmachi, Shimanto Town, Takaoka District, Kochi Prefecture
Mizuki: 11:00-20:00
Friday and Saturday : 11:00-21:00
Sundays and holidays: 11:00-17:00
Closed: Mon-Tue

  • Implementation content
■ Art Exhibition Event "A4 WALL KOCHI" (Sake Brewery & Iwamoto Temple precincts)
■ Artist-label sake limited sale (mail order/over-the-counter sales price: 3,980 JPY (incl. tax)/bottle)
Limited to 100 per artist
Additional sales of new labels for every 100 achievements

  • Participating artists
*The posted works may differ from the exhibition and artist label works. note that.

Erie Kawaguchi

After working as an apparel fashion designer, started working as a pen artist in 2017.
I mainly use a ballpoint pen, which is a familiar art material, and reflect the momentary expressions and emotions like a scene in a manga in my work, and draw it as a memory of that time.
The whole is composed of precise lines and points, and the colors and patterns that are visible to people are created so that a single work can give a wide variety of sensitivities.


Ichiro Jaga

I am interested in the existence of laughter and the mechanism of its generation.
At the moment when laughter occurs, there are times when you experience a feeling similar to the mysterious happiness that fills space and time.
I don't know what they are, but if I call them "a source of laughter", can I give them a form visually? I thought.
I want to express "interesting", which is the core of "comedy", with visual art. And I want to fill the space with laughter. That's what motivates me to create my work.

Tokyo Bay Taro

My role models are the manga and anime that have been familiar to me since I was a child.
Also, when I listen to bad music such as rock and hip hop, I feel like scribbling.
I don't know if the production roots and the masked two-headed "man" character that only exposes the eyes I draw are related.

Kazuki Kaigan

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, majoring in oil painting. After graduating from university, he worked as a freelance graphic designer after experiencing mural painting and working at a design company. The Overlap series, which uses a shaped canvas, has the meaning of overlapping by layering, but it is also inspired by the rickety lines drawn with a paint tool and a mouse in the elementary school computer room nearly 30 years ago. During my university days, when I was only drawing abstract paintings, when I was creating murals with cute character-like motifs, and when I was working for a design company where I could never do my own work, I was busy with each era, culture, style, and environment. A series that was completed while overlapping.


Graduated from Kobe Design University Fashion Design Department. Working as an illustrator and graphic designer. It's my own style of dark fantasy that mixes goofy and cute characters, pop pastel colors, and a little bit of a disturbing atmosphere. I use various techniques such as graffiti, spray art, three-dimensional works, and 3D. .

Maeda Atsushi

Based in Tokyo.
Started activities in May 2022 after working as apparel, manga artist, and game designer.
A person who draws hard-boiled and smiley lines. Many of my fine line drawings are drawn using manga pens and tablets.
Active in a wide range of activities such as black marker live painting.


The game-like elements are interwoven with manga and scribbles to express a loosely laid-back world view.

Honoka Hayashi

Graduated from Doshisha Women's University, Department of Information Media. While working as a planning designer at a miscellaneous goods and toy maker, he started his career as a full-fledged artist after participating in Yusuke Nakamura's illustration class. Held his first solo exhibition in 2017. Since then, he has held solo exhibitions every year and participated in various exhibitions, including special exhibitions at department stores.
I draw based on my memories and feelings from my childhood.
I want it to be a talisman-like picture with kindness and friendliness that can be a source of comfort and comfort for someone.


After 10 years of experience as a designer and illustrator, he started posting original illustrations on Instagram around 2015, and held solo exhibitions in Harajuku, Tokyo and Umeda, Osaka in 2019. Isayamax's work is based on the theme of "the loop of the times", and with the girls' illustration technology cultivated over many years, the context of domestic girls' pop rooted in girls' manga and kawaii culture, which is closely related to bijinga and illustration. It is sublimated and expressed in the present age.

Akiko Kitamoto

Born in Osaka in 1993, raised in Sapporo
2019 Graduated from Tama Art University, Graduate School of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting Selected for the 2nd Scholarship of the Kuma Foundation
In the work, characters that are conscious of 1980s anime and manga will appear, aiming for a sorrowful style that incorporates subculture and comic art.


Born in Niigata Prefecture
Currently presenting works mainly in Tokyo. All designs are self-taught.
While working mainly in graphic design for fashion, he creates figures as a three-dimensional collage by processing and combining unnecessary elements such as old toys and junk parts.
Since the late 90s, he has been strongly influenced by the street art, culture, and fashion he has experienced in Tokyo, where Ura-Harajuku culture has flourished.
Although he officially started his activities as an art figure artist in the latter half of 2020, he is currently popular not only in Japan but also supported by overseas art figure collectors.

Masayuki Matsumoto

Mainly produces works using subculture and 80's illustration expressions.
All portraits are drawn with the same face.
This is based on the idea that ``by drawing with the same and unified face, it is possible to apply it to the person who sees the work or to a person who is closely related.''
He mainly works with acrylic paints on canvas, but he also presents works using transparent watercolors and pens.

Ai Osawa

Born in 2000, lives in Yokohama. After graduating from junior high school, he aspired to be an artist and won numerous contests.
Appeared on Break Eve (BS Fuji). He has held solo exhibitions many times. Not limited to paintings, he has also published photo books and has been active in multiple fields.
His self-taught works are new and captivate viewers with his unconventional style and worldview.

Kenichi Sugimoto

I started my career as a writer after publishing a picture book. Combining the sophisticated style of design with the loveliness of a picture book, it draws characters such as animals and children in a pop and cool way. He expresses the "inseparable instincts" such as desires and conflicts hidden in humans as animals, and expresses the chaotic and energetic allegory world inside himself as "WORLD OF GUCHA GUCHA" in a pop and surreal way. I draw with a touch.

Takashi Shibata​

I am working with oil paintings on the theme of the other side of the midnight curtain.
Maybe the world is changing on the other side of the curtain. When I was young, I woke up and had many sleepless nights thinking like that. When I was a child, I thought about how exciting the world would be if it were still on the other side of the curtain.


Active as a graphic designer and illustrator since 1998. Worked as a freelancer since 2002. I have been producing works as a writer since 2020.
I create works that combine miscellaneous images and characters, such as the back alleys of the city center.
I like characters with ambiguous facial expressions because they make me feel like I've let my guard down.

A4 Gallery Representative / A4 WALL Curator
Established ASAKURA SALON BEIJING in 2004 after studying at London St. Martin College of Art. Develops a wide range of activities such as hair salon and Shanghai Expo event production. She has won numerous awards, including the Best Hair Salon Award in Asia. In 2009, he was selected as one of the "100 Japanese people the world respects" by NEWSWEEK magazine. Established Reflections general office, a promotion company, to handle overseas PR for Japanese brands and commercial facilities. In addition, he is in charge of PR for China as an international goodwill ambassador for Kagawa Prefecture. Established A4 Gallery in 2021, introducing emerging Japanese artists to the world, mainly in Asia.

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