Artist work exhibition and label sales start from May 13 (Sat)! Art event "A4 WALL KOCHI" ~Energizing the world and Japan with the power of art~

Artist work exhibition and label sales start from May 13 (Sat)! The art event "A4 WALL KOCHI" will be held at the fumimoto brewery in Shimanto Town!

Partnership with fumimoto brewery (Fumimoto Brewery Co., Ltd.), Reflections general office Co., Ltd., which operates one of the most popular art galleries in Asia [A4 Gallery], and regional innovation company 1004 Co., Ltd. Announced the exhibition and sale of "A4 WALL KOCHI" to be held at Shishu Brewery and Shikoku 88 Sacred Site No. 37 Fudasho "Iwamoto Temple".

  • Exhibition sales period

May 13, 2023 (Sat) - June 13, 2023 (Tue)

  • Exhibition and sale of artist works

Participating artists: 16 people

Exhibition location: 1st venue: fumimoto brewery SHOP, BAR "Sakeyasan"

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Wednesday/Thursday: 11:00-20:00

Fri/Sat: 11:00-21:00

Sun: 11:00-17:00

Second Venue: Shikoku 88 Pilgrimage Temple No. 37 Fudasho "Iwamoto Temple" Main Hall Open year-round

Purchase method: On the dedicated site from the QR printed on the exhibition art work guide card at each venue

  • artist label sales

Participating artists: 15 people

Sales location: fumimoto brewery SHOP or online shop

Alcoholic beverages for sale: Junmai Daiginjo ”SHIMANTO” Hiiri 300ml alc.16

Number of sales: Limited to 100 for each artist label

Sales price: 3,980 yen each (tax included)

Participating artists


Masayuki Matsumoto

Maeda Atsushi



Ai Osawa

Honoka Hayashi


Erie Kawaguchi

Ichiro Jaga

Takashi Shibata


Akiko Kitamoto

Tokyo Bay Taro

Kenichi Sugimoto
Kazuki Kaigan

Operating company

Fumimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Address: 4-23 Honmachi, Shimanto Town, Takaoka District, Kochi Prefecture

Representative Director: Hironari Okayama


fumimoto brewery

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