Sake Brewery Experience Facility Development Project ~Crowdfunding acceptance begins~

fumimoto brewery (Fumimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., head office: Shimanto-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture) will use the Kochi prefecture-specific crowdfunding “EINEE Kochi”, a collaboration between READYFOR, Shikoku Bank, and Kochi Shimbun, to make the city proud. We aim to be a sake brewery that people think of as a sake brewery, and we also strive to create a town that is full of smiles and vitality, where people create a new bustle through the sake brewery and connect people. We appreciate your participation and support.

Recruitment period
September 4, 2023, 10:00 (Monday) - October 31, 2023, 23:00 (Tuesday)

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Target amount
3 million yen

Use of funds
The funds will be used to cover the cost of creating an environment for implementing an "experience program" that will allow you to experience the charms of Shimanto to the fullest. (Small brewing tank, small cooling device, small squeezer, small steamer, multilingual AR video production)

What we aim to achieve through maintenance

Plan1. Virtual reality experience to feel the reality of a warehouse

Plan2. Make your own sake in a small tank in a small brewery

Plan 3. Brewing experience and Tosa Okyaku experience program staying at a lodging for 2 nights and 3 days

Plan1 Real sake brewing experience in virtual reality

For those who don't have time for full-scale sake brewing but want to experience the atmosphere, process, and culture of sake brewing as realistically as possible, you can watch videos of the process by pointing your smartphone's camera at each process area and equipment. We will create an AR (virtual reality) that allows you to watch and listen to explanations to provide a simulated experience.

To commemorate your visit, you can attach a homemade label to a bottle of sake (Junmai Daiginjo ``SHIMANTO'' 300ml) as a souvenir.
If you are under the age of 20, we will ask you to provide written consent from someone over the age of 20.

Plan2 Your own sake making experience

A small brewing tank used for regular sake brewing is 1,000 liters, and 500 ml can make up to 2,000 bottles of sake. There are too many for families, friends, souvenirs, etc., so we have newly installed small tanks and brewing equipment so that people can drink the alcohol they make themselves for various toasting occasions.

Plan3 2 nights and 3 days Authentic sake brewing plan staying at a lodging lodge

We offer accommodation plans that allow you to experience sake brewing and Tosa Okyaku in earnest.

■Experience schedule <1st day>

Gathering at the sake brewery ▼ Transfer to the temple by tuk tuk ▼ 37th temple of 88 sacred sites in Shikoku, “Iwamoto-dera” (sermon, purification through goma)
▼ Sake brewery experience (brewing process explanation, rice washing, soaking)
▼ Dinner with sabachi and Tosa cuisine on the second floor of the main building of the sake brewery
▼ Stay at Iwamotoji Shukubo

<2nd day>

Morning memorial service at the temple ▼ Shojin ryori breakfast (branded rice from the same area as the raw material for sake)
▼ Steamed rice, koji making, preparation ▼ BBQ at the pairing bar

<3 days>

Morning memorial service at the temple ▼ Shojin ryori breakfast (branded rice from the same area as the raw material for sake)
▼ Steamed rice, koji making, preparation ▼ Lunch at the paring bar, issuance and award of certificate of completion of brewing experience ▼ Dissolution

■Characteristics - Goma ceremony (purification) by the chief priest of Iwamoto-ji Temple, the 37th temple of the 88 Sacred Sites in Shikoku
・Brewing experience at a long-established sake brewery (rice washing, steaming, koji, preparation, supplementary explanation of raw materials and processes using AR)
・Experience enjoying Tosa Okyaku dinner with the sake brewer in the main residence of the sake brewery ・Lodging in a lodging at Iwamoto Temple, the 37th temple of the 88 Sacred Sites in Shikoku, and having a Buddhist vegetarian breakfast ・Creating your own original label (by hand or with an illustrator, etc.) create)
・For those who are unable to come back after brewing, the squeezing, bottling, and shipping will be broadcast online. ・Participants will receive 3 bottles of 500ml (freshly squeezed unprocessed sake, raw sake, and Junmai Daiginjo)
Additional shipping is possible if you request delivery at a later date (separate shipping fee required).

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