"Cheers Zen" will be on sale from May 1st [Kochi specialties and sake pairing subscription] ~Let's celebrate once a month~

Fumimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Location: 4-23 Honmachi, Shimanto-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture, Representative Director: Hironari Okayama) and Tabegoro (Operating parent company: and.) will pair sake with seasonal specialties that make you feel Kochi. We will develop new products and start selling the subscription service “Kampaizen” that will be delivered to users on a regular basis. The toast is an attempt to create an extraordinary time to express gratitude for everyday life and enrich the mind, expand new possibilities for sake and Kochi ingredients, and aim to become a trigger for regional tourism. Please look forward to the new challenges of the long-established sake brewery.
URL: https://fumimoto.jp/


Product name: “Cheers meal”
Sales start: From May 1, 2023
Delivery date: Once a month from early July 2023 Sales price: Trial: 10,000 yen / 1 time Annual: 180,000 yen / 12 times
Reservation reception: www.fumimoto.jp/kampai-zen


・Celebrate the relationship between mind and body and people, and create an extraordinary experience to be grateful for the month you spent.

・Liquor and seasonal dishes to appreciate the special time modestly.

・"Kampaizen" where you can welcome the start of a new day with a rich heart.

・A gift for yourself that gives you a glimpse of the culture of “Tosa no Okyaku”, a sake table with hospitality.

"Cheers meal contents"

・Sake "SHIMANTO" Junmai Daiginjo etc. Monthly 500ml bottle

・"Otabegoro" seasonal special dish for 2 people

・Shipping within Japan included (Sake: Refrigerated "Otabegoro": Frozen, delivered separately)

・Recipe card (QR for product sales site for subscribing members, additional orders for ingredients and unrefined sake)

Operating company

Fumimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.

Address: 4-23 Honmachi, Shimanto Town, Takaoka District, Kochi Prefecture

Representative Director: Hironari Okayama

Co., Ltd. and.

Location: 2-2-11-2F Kamimachi, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture

Representative Director: Akio Machida


fumimoto brewery

e-mail: info@fumimoto.jp

Otabegoro (and.)

e-mail: otabegoro@gmail.com

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