Kochi Prefecture's new project "Kuchuku no Tosa Goshu" Drinking Tour" starts from July 22nd

Fumimoto Brewery is also participating in Kochi Prefecture's new project "Kuchuku no Tosa Goshu 'Drinking Tour'"!

In Kochi Prefecture, a new tourism project this summer, ``Kofuku's Tosa Goshu Drinking Tour,'' will start on July 22nd (Saturday). We will introduce "local drinks" created from the water resources (clear streams) and specialty products (yuzu and Tosa tea) of Kochi, which is rich in nature, and will hold a digital stamp rally using the app. We will provide special benefits such as distributing special stickers to those who purchase eligible beverages, making your trip to Kochi more enjoyable.

With summer predicted to be extremely hot again this year, everyone from children to adults can enjoy experiencing local products and attractions through beverages.
Furthermore, we will carry out projects that will support the regions, producers, and manufacturers involved in the products.

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<77 local drink businesses made in the nature of Kochi that Dr. Makino loved>

Tomitaro Makino, a world-famous plant taxonomist who is in the spotlight on the currently airing morning TV drama series “Ranman”
Kochi's rich natural environment was loved by scholars. The plants and food produced by nature, the clear water, and the majestic Pacific Ocean are
It's a treasure of knowledge. These natural resources and soil are the pride of the people of Kochi Prefecture and have been carefully protected. produced in this way
The ``drinks'' are a condensation of Kochi's natural blessings.

This project will feature a wide variety of products from 77 businesses, with the cooperation of production, manufacturing, and sales businesses in the prefecture's municipalities. Products born from Kochi's history and climate, such as Tosa sake, which is popular for its light and dry taste, Doburoku, which has been carefully preserved and passed down in each region, and drinks made with tea and citrus fruits grown in lush mountainous areas. From wine brewed with grapes grown in the prefecture, which is becoming a new specialty, to craft beer that he moved to Kochi after falling in love with its natural environment and started making. The Goshu Drink Tour allows you to discover and experience the various charms of Kochi through drinks.

Furthermore, even for travelers who are highly conscious of the rapidly expanding "travel that contributes to the local community", it is important to protect the environment carefully.
This is a truly sustainable way to support the local community that you can experience while having fun.

<How to participate in Kufufu's Tosa Goshu drinking tour>
Participants will receive a digital stamp by installing the app on their smartphones and entering the serial number from the QR code written on the serial number card they receive when purchasing eligible beverages at designated locations within the prefecture. You will receive a special sticker made for this project.

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<Project overview>
Project name: “Tosa Goshu Drinking Tour”
Management: Expo Council based on TV drama series (Kochi Prefecture Tourism Policy Division)
Period: Saturday, July 22, 2020 to Sunday, March 3, 2020
Contents: When you purchase an eligible beverage at participating stores in Kochi Prefecture, you will receive a “Gift” featuring the beverage logo.
You will receive a card with a serial code that allows you to participate in the Digital Stamp Rally and a ``Vermilion Sticker''.

Recommended route plan
This summer, go on a "Goshu-drinking tour" in Kochi. We will introduce two model courses that are perfect for summer. A travel plan that allows you to visit various places in Kochi Prefecture while feeling the local climate and tasting drinks will be a journey that will allow you to discover and experience the charm of Kochi.

Model Course I “Clear Niyodo River Basin Area” Northwestern region of Kochi Prefecture
① Omelet rice (lunch) at Hidaka Village Omelet Road
Omelette rice made with tomatoes grown in Hidaka Village, one of the most famous tomato producing areas in Kochi, said to be the birthplace of fruit tomatoes. Each shop has its own unique characteristics, and you can enjoy the unique omelet rice made by the owner.

② Village Station Hidaka (Get a sticker by purchasing Kiriyama tea!)
(Address 1478-9 Hongo, Hidaka Village, Takaoka District, Kochi Prefecture)
At Village Station Hidaka, you can purchase Tosa Tea (Kiriyama Tea Garden), one of the eligible beverages. "Tosa tea" has less bitterness,
It is characterized by its rich aroma and richness. ``Tosa tea'', which is cultivated with the blessings of good water and rich nature, is of high quality.
We are proud of our quality.

③Makino's Roadside Station Sagawa (Shopping)
(Address 2711-1 Kamo, Sagawa-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture)
A new road opened in June this year in Sagawa Town, the birthplace of world-renowned plant taxonomist Dr. Tomitaro Makino.
station. Fresh vegetables from the Niyodo River basin are available at the farm market, as well as Baumkuchen and sake lees made with local ingredients.
A gathering of ``feasts'' such as soft serve ice cream.

④Tsukasa Botan Sake Gallery Hotei (Get a sticker by walking around the town and purchasing sake!)
(Address: 1299 Ko, Sagawa-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture)
Sake Brewery Road, which flourished as a sake town during the Edo period, is lined with good old traditional houses from that time. Like this townscape
At Sake Gallery Hotei, the showroom of a certain Kuramoto Tsukasa Botan, you can find not only Tsukasa Botan's sake, but also sake utensils, Japanese miscellaneous goods, and more, where you can learn about the lifestyle and food culture of people who love sake.

⑤Mukai Craft Brewing (Get a sticker by purchasing craft beer!)
(Address: 1131-4 Shimonanogawa, Niyodogawa-cho, Agawa-gun, Kochi Prefecture)
We use spring water from the Nakatsugawa River in the Niyodo River system, known for ``Niyodo Blue,'' and use Niyodo ingredients such as local tea leaves and ginger as auxiliary ingredients.
Enjoy carefully selected craft beer made with delicious ingredients from Kawamachi. Full of love for the local area and the possibility of regional revitalization
Fans come from all over the country to drink delicious beer brewed with consideration for the natural environment, made by the owner who is committed to promoting gender equality.

⑥Ikegawa Chaen Kobo Cafe (Get a sticker by purchasing sweets!)
(Address: 695-4 Doiko, Niyodogawa-cho, Agawa-gun, Kochi Prefecture)
You can enjoy sweets that are carefully handmade from the highest quality ingredients so that you can enjoy the delicious taste of tea grown with care by tea farmers.
Proud tea grown with love in the nature of Niyodogawa Town and 100% natural honey harvested by ourselves.
Enjoy authentic sweets made with plenty of glossy tea while enjoying the sound of the Doi River, a tributary of the Niyodo River.

Model Course II “Seiryu Monobe River Basin Area” Northeastern region of Kochi Prefecture

① Nishijima Gardening Complex (Get a sticker by purchasing a drink!)
(Address 600, Nangoku City, Kochi Prefecture)
You can eat melons and watermelons all year round while surrounded by about 200 types of flowers, including bougainvillea that covers the entire ceiling. Limited-time strawberry picking is also popular, and at the cafe you can enjoy smoothies and parfaits made with plenty of fruit grown within the park.

② Field restaurant Copan (lunch)
(Address 126-1 Shimosuematsu, Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture)
A restaurant located in a field in Nankoku City. Aiming for zero wasted vegetables, we actively use local, fresh, non-standard vegetables.
A buffet style menu featuring dishes prepared with as few additives as possible to convey the taste, color and aroma of seasonal vegetables.
You can enjoy it.

③ Inoue Winery's Ichi Brewery (Get a sticker by purchasing wine!)
(Address 1424-31 Otani, Noichi, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture)
It has a brewery and shop cafe. Taste "TOSA wine" where all ingredients are locally produced while viewing the brewing facility
You can also purchase gourmet foods that are perfect for pairing. In addition to wine, you can also enjoy soft drinks and sweets on the terrace with a great view.

④TOSACO TAP STAND (Get a sticker by purchasing craft beer!)
(Address 584-1 Hashikawano, Kahoku-cho, Kami-shi, Kochi)
Kochi Campagne Brewery's first directly managed beer stand and garden is attached to the brewery of TOSACO, a craft beer based on the concept of "delicious beer from Kochi." Along the banks of the Monobe River, you can enjoy not only craft beer that makes use of local ingredients, but also original crackers and campagne made by upcycling the malt lees and yeast lees produced during beer making.

⑤Ya Sea Park Souvenir Shop (Get a sticker by purchasing Yamakita mandarin orange juice!)
(Address 537-90 Jikiri, Yasu-cho, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture (Roadside Station Yasuuchi))
Ya-Shi Park is a complex facility adjacent to Yasu Station on the Gomen-Nahari Line, which also includes a ``Roadside Station Yasu.'' At the sea overlooking the Pacific Ocean
You can experience activities and BBQ, as well as eat delicious local products and restaurants. Delicious Wenzhou in Konan City
You can purchase 100% mandarin orange juice made from Yamakita mandarin oranges with a refreshing sweetness and richness.

⑥Gelateria the CREAM (Gelato)
(Address: 2360-1 Nishino, Noichi-cho, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture, Granpiano City 1F East Store)
A gelato specialty store with one of the few workshops in Kochi. From a variety of flavors to seasonal foods, food from Kochi Prefecture
We offer original gelatos that change daily, including ones made with natural ingredients and authentic Italian classics. texture and aftertaste,
The gelato, whose composition has been adjusted with the appearance in mind, is so popular that it sometimes sells out quickly.

For other beverage information, please see the URL below.
Please see the “Kofuku no Goshu Drinking Tour” web page.
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