Selected as “Shimanto Scented Pure Rice Ginjo Gift” and “Top 15 Gifts to Present Kochi”!

■Product name: Shimanto fragrant Junmai Daiginjo gift (requires refrigeration)
■Price: 10,000 yen (tax included) Separate shipping fee is required.

■Summary Junmai Daiginjo ``SHIMANTO'' and ``Kiri no Sato'' were born as toasts for special occasions. A ``thin wine glass'' to enjoy sake brewed with regional brand rice ``Niida rice'' and underground water from Shimanto, a tatami coaster with a Tosa pattern that creates a special feeling, and a Japanese confectionery shop ``Matsu'' in front of the gate of the 37th temple of Shikoku's 88 sacred sites. ``Japanese confectionery shop appetizer'' is a new sake accompaniment created by the owner of ``Tsurudo''. We have created a gift set that allows you to enjoy four types of sake produced from one barrel in a new style.

Tatami Ikeue's original Tosa pattern tatami helicopter coaster incorporates the characteristics of Kochi.
Please choose your favorite pattern from a total of 8 patterns: bonito, yam peach, Tosa gold, square bamboo, Tosa citrus, paper carp streamer, naruko, and whale.

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