“Shopping Street Poster Exhibition” held

“Shopping Street Poster Exhibition” held

~Shimanto Town Poster Project~

 fumimoto brewery (Fumimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., head office: Shimanto Town, Takaoka District, Kochi Prefecture) supports a poster project carried out in collaboration with Shimanto Town and Kochi University with themes such as solving regional issues and developing human resources among town residents. The created "Shopping District Poster" will be displayed in the sake brewery gallery. We will continue to support various activities for regional development together with local students.


■“Shopping Street Poster” Business Overview

The ``Shopping District Poster Exhibition'' started in Osaka and aims to revitalize shopping districts by creating interesting posters. People visited from all over the country, various media visited, and it spread throughout the country as a model for regional revitalization. Keita Kusaka, the instigator of the project, produced posters through workshops with Kochi University students in Shimanto Town.

“Keita Kusaka” Copywriter/Photographer

Born in Osaka in 1976, lives in Osaka. While working as a copywriter, he is also a photographer and the leader of the band ``Enburn,'' which calls for UFOs . The instigator of the ``Shopping District Poster Exhibition,'' which creates unique posters for the shopping district and helps revitalize the town. His works include the autobiographical essay ``Lost Copywriter'' ( East Press ) and the photo book ``A Beautiful Landscape'' (private edition). He has received numerous awards including the Keizo Saji Award, the Good Design Award, the TCC Best Newcomer Award, and the Japan Printing Federation Chairman's Award at the Bookbinding Contest.

■Exhibition period Wednesday, August 9, 2023 - Thursday, November 30 , 2023 Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

■Place of implementation Fumimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Sake Pairing BAR “Sakaya-san”

4-23 Honmachi, Shimanto-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture

fumimoto brewery (Fumimoto Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.)

TEL:0880-22-0039 e-mail: info@fumimoto.jp

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