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Zenrakuji amazake 160ml

Zenrakuji amazake 160ml

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Shikoku 88 sacred grounds No. 30 Fudasho "Zenrakuji" model

The label is finished in pink, which is the image color of the temple, with the character "Zen-kun", who is the only female chief priest of Kochi. Amazake is also sold at temples as an amazake to soothe the fatigue of the pilgrimage.

Non-alcoholic rice malt amazake made with the same raw materials as Junmai Daiginjo " SHIMANTO " and "Kiri no Sato".

The refreshing taste and the natural sweetness of Niida rice that is not too sweet are a new sensation that you will never get tired of.

Rice malt amazake, which is so nutritious that it is said to be a drinking drip, contains water-soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber, so it activates intestinal motility, and oligosaccharide, a type of sugar, regulates the intestinal environment. there is.

Rice: 100% Shimanto town brand rice “Niidamai” Water used: Sake brewing water (Shimanto River underground water)
Koji: Shimanto town brand rice "Niida rice"

Nutritional information (per 100ml)

energy 97kcal
protein 1.8g
Lipid 0.1g
carbohydrates 22.2g
salt equivalent 0.005g

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